TDM over IP (TDMoIP) & ISDN over IP (ISDNoIP)

ISDN over IP

  • Clock-locked, switched and transparent ISDN channels across packet networks
  • BRI and PRI versions

TDM over IP

  • Carrier-class E1 T1 V.35 and X.21 over Ethernet and IP
  • Very accurate clock recovery
  • Stand-alone and central site

ISDN PRI BRI conversion

  • Convert and switch between PRIs and BRIs

ISDN PRI switching and sharing

  • Route, switch, manipulate. From 4 ports up to 64 ports

E1 T1 cross connect multiplexor

  • Full time slot switching up to 4 E1/T1 circuits

ISDN BRI/PRI simulator or emulation

  • ISDN simulator for testing, demonstration, development

E1 T1 ISDN conversion

  • T1 to E1 conversion with A-law to U-law

E1 T1 leased line conversion

  • T1 to E1 conversion with A-law to U-law

Media Converters

  • Deliver E1 T1 X.21 and V.35 across fibre networks

ISDN extension

  • Drive, extend and convert ISDN BRI and PRI services across LANs. All types of traffic including videoconferencing

Leased line backup over IP

  • Fast and robust backup for leased lines over IP/Ethernet

Inverse mux, aggregators or terminal adaptors

  • E1, T1, V.35 and X.21 services delivered across ISDN


  • Intuitive GUI common to all platforms.

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